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over 2 years ago

Welcome to Summit Cove Elementary School! 

Our motto is, "We reach for the summit. of excellence in academics and character."

Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

District Master Plan

over 2 years ago

School Project Design and Construction


Summit Cove Elementary Perimeter Fence for Playground and Field


1. Why does the school need a fence?

Student safety is a priority and the reason that we are installing a fence on the property encompassing the sports field and playground.  We have recognized the need for a fence at Summit Cove for three significant reasons:

- To ensure that students remain in the safety of playground and field areas away from the creek during their recess, and

- To maintain a barrier between students and animals/wildlife during the school day, and  

- To protect students from unauthorized individuals approaching staff or students when the students are outside at play.

2. What types of and how many wildlife encounters have there been?

Over the past year, there were several instances when moose visited school grounds.  During these times, children were immediately brought inside and/or were restricted to indoor recess. Coyotes have occasionally been seen on property in the mornings.  Additionally, dogs in the neighborhood have been on the property before and after school, sometimes leaving waste on school grounds where children play.

3. What type of material will the fence be made of?

The facilities department has reviewed numerous material options including wood, Trex, iron and chain link. In addition to being cost-effective and meeting the requirements of the budget, the fencing material needs to be durable, sustainable and strong enough to resist animal intrusion. Additionally, it is important that staff have the ability to see through the fence for safety purposes.  Chain link coated in black vinyl meets the criteria as defined above and is the leading material choice for the fence.

4. Do other elementary schools in the District have fences around their playgrounds and fields?

The other five elementary schools in the District have chain link fences around their playgrounds and fields.

5. Will the fence be on school property or open space? The fence will be built on school property only and not in designated open space.

6. Will the community have access to get onto the field and playground areas?

Yes.  At this time, the design of the fence includes four access gates for community use.  The gates will remain unlocked for community use.  

7. Aren’t there other ways of dealing with wildlife? For example, can the moose be relocated?

We spoke with Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), and their recommendation for protecting children from wildlife in the area is to build a fence. (CPW recommends a fence 6’0 ft. or taller to keep moose out of the area.)  They informed us that relocating moose out of Summit Cove is not a feasible option.  Relocations cost $2-3,000 per animal and CPW does not have the resources or capacity to relocate the number of animals currently coming through Summit County.  Additionally, CPW states that even if moose were relocated, others would find their way into the area.

8. How much will the fence cost?

The fence at Summit Cove Elementary was included in the 2016 Bond Initiative and Mill Levy approved by the Summit County voters as part of the school’s security and safety upgrades.  The budget for the fence is $75,000.

The Board of Education and key leaders in the District have been looking working on a new master plan that addresses short term and long term needs of facilities in the District.