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Parents Supporting our School

Parents Supporting our School

* Demonstrate support for the vision and values of the school.

* Support the two parent organizations (PTSA and BAAC) that provide financial and accountability support for the school.

* Participate in the life of the school by attending programs, volunteering service, and assisting in the processes that have been designed to enhance the various aspects of the school.

* Call upon the school to establish effective two-way communication that both provides information and seeks feedback.

* Play an active role in the education of your children, monitor children's academic performance, and work with teachers to emphasize the importance of education.

* Schedule conference times with teachers that are convenient and are planned ahead. Please do not interrupt a teacher's classroom after 8:45 a.m. since class has started at that time and your presence will delay the educational process. The only exception to this would be a parent volunteer who is here to fulfill a previously scheduled work task. These volunteers should always be wearing a volunteer badge.

* Provide a means of transportation for your children that allow them to be at school on time and also to be picked up on time. If you find that circumstances prevent you from achieving this, please call the school and let us know. If you are late getting your child to school, just let our school secretary know the circumstances. Parent conferences will be scheduled with parents when habitual tardiness becomes a problem.

* When taking a child out of school early, please sign out in the front office, and we will call for your child to come meet you.

Summit Cove PTSA
We are greatly appreciative of the incredible support from our PTSA volunteers who work tirelessly to enhance the learning atmosphere and activities in our school.

Our PTSA is a parent and community organization focused on promoting the welfare of our students. The PTSA supports the Summit Cove Elementary through communication, organization, and action. You are invited to join our parent group for monthly meetings and to become involved in this important asset to our school! For more information, please stop by the school office. For more information about the PTSA please click on the Heading above.

Summit Cove Elementary BAAC
The Summit Cove BAAC is a volunteer group of parents, school members and community members who meet monthly to monitor our school goals and advise the principal on school matters. Its purpose is to help assist in implementation of our school goals. This group acts as an advisory group to the principal. Meetings are held monthly. We post an agenda and information outside of the office. All community members are invited to attend.

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