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Welcome to the Student Leadership page!

Leadership is a group of students who work together to make our school a better place. We do this through creating fun school activities, managing school events, and creating great before and after school clubs. It is a great way to be an active part in our school!

One of our current committees is the Tech Team. Our job is to go around the school to take pictures. We then turn these pictures into slide shows to be used by the school. We try to take pictures of students displaying the PYP profiles and attitudes.

Current Activities
Coupons - We are starting a school wide coupon activity. We are creating our own coupons and printing them. As we make student observations around the school, we will hand out coupons to students we see displaying the PYP attitudes or profiles. Students may turn these coupons in to the office for a charm. We think that this will be a great school activity!

 Worldly Action Committee -

 Lego Robotics -


Upcoming Events

Spelling Bee - There will be sign up sheets coming out for anyone who would like to join the school Spelling Bee. The date is yet to be determined!

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